Friday, December 18, 2015

Spurs finally lose at home to Clippers, 101-102.

The intensity was unreal as the Clippers would somehow wind up snapping the Spurs' undefeated record at home in an instant classic. Boris Diaw had to sit this one out, forcing lineup adjustments, adding to the pressure. Spurs led 25-19 after the first, hitting 3s as "Lob City" conversely led to alley oop jams, despite double teaming Chris Paul: "Rapid fire basketball as it should be." Ray Allen hit a corner 3 for a 10pt lead, then Kawhi Leonard dunked on Blake Griffin for a 15pt advantage, who then returned the favor, trimming the lead back to 10.

The Spurs were 8-15 from downtown, but the Clippers went off on a 25-6 run to close the half, up 56-50 in shocking fashion. LA threatened to raise the lead, but an 11-0 run by San Antone culminated with a dunk by Tyrus Thomas over Blake Griffin. Spurs quit double-teaming CP3 once Jamal Crawford
got hot and it became a shot-for-shot affair to finish the 3rd: 75-73, Clippers.

Spurs finally regained the lead, up by 2, then Paul Pierce made a tough layup, only to be stifled by a bold 3PTer by Kawhi Leonard. Lance Stephenson made an even tougher layup, narrowing the lead to 1, and Spurs held the ball thinking Clippers would foul. Doc Rivers wisely chose not to, as San Antonio was forced into a shot clock violation and Stephenson made another layup!

Ray Allen missed a shot at the buzzer after a timeout, as sudden glee turned into sudden heartbreak.

Kawhi Leonard, the would-be hero, got 17 points, Parker had a rocky 13, Allen had 12, Duncan had 12, but Ginobili was 3-11 and the team had 15 turnovers.

Blake Griffin led LAC with 21 points and 11 rebounds and Paul Pierce
had the same minus a point. Chris Paul weathered the double team for 16 points and 10 assists, including the decisive layup by Lance Stephenson (16 points). Crawford had 11, but was key to that amazing 26-5 run.

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