Friday, December 18, 2015

Spurs defeat Knicks.

Derrick Williams made a 4-PT play at the buzzer, to make it 22-24 after the first. Despite a jittery offense, the Spurs defense gained them a small lead at halftime, 51-46.

A memorable play happened later, when Danny Green blocked Carmelo Anthony (5-13) at the rim and Ray Allen scored an and-1 layup in transition as Anthony crashed to the floor.

Carmelo would keep Knicks close enough to not be blown out. An injury scare to Diaw led to a layup by NY to make it 89-96, but Carmelo missed some shots late as Spurs lead grew to 14, Arron Afflalo (6-19) missed an open 3, and Knicks botched free throws on top of it. Ray Allen, however, made 5 threes for 23 points. Tony Parker also had 20 points from four 3s.

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