Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Spurs lose to Pelicans at home, but beat Pacers to clinch best conference record.

The New Orleans Pelicans finally defeated the Spurs, at home no less to give San Antonio just their third loss at home, snapping a 9-game win streak by the Spurs, but the Spurs recovered against the Pacers in a tough game.

Paul George couldn't play the whole game, leaving with injury concerns. Monta Ellis made up for it, notching 30 points. Ray Allen was a non-factor, and Kawhi Leonard fouled out again.

Luckily, Tony Parker, Danny Green and Andrei Kirilenko played well. Chase Budinger made a tough 3 pointer to tie the game with 15 seconds left, but a screen play got Boris Diaw a good look. He nailed it with just 1 second to spare and the Pacers fumbled the inbound play to end the game.

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