Sunday, April 10, 2016

Spurs fumble ball to Pelicans, 96-100.

A back-and-forth 1st quarter led to Kawhi Leonard's 3PTer at the buzzer, for 12 early points. Spurs had foul troubles, despite the Pelicans not having their star player, Anthony Davis, benefiting from free throws and taking the lead, still holding it after a buzzer-beater by Ray Allen not to be outdone by Leonard.

The final period began with a 12-4 run by the hungry champions, led by both Leonard and Allen, but the Spurs kept making mistakes to preserve NO's lead. Eventually, Tony Parker made a lucky 3PTer with .40s left in the game.

But it was not to last, as the lead was still out of reach and when Ray Allen missed a potential game-tying long ball, the game was over. Turnovers killed the Spurs tonight.

Jrue Holiday had 25 points for the Pelicans, Ryan Anderson had 14 points and 12 rebounds. In the loss, Kawhi Leonard had 24 and Ray Allen had 20pts. Tony Parker, however, had 5 turnovers and Tim Duncan had 5 fouls.

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