Monday, December 21, 2015

Spurs win four straight games.

The Spurs have tacked on a quartet of wins, the first one manifesting courtesy of a resilient stand in New Orleans. The Pelicans had trailed the entire game before a huge rally gave them the lead with 2 minutes left. But the Spurs made every shot they needed to make, and the defense was amazing, reclaiming the lead for the comeback victory.

In contrast, the Spurs hosted the Jazz next at home and led by 30 points after a 15-31 first quarter, winning 84-113. Kawhi Leonard was great with 22 points off four 3PTers with 8 strong rebounds. The Jazz and Gordon Hayward (3-10) couldn't make a shot.

In a competitive game, the Spurs edged the Blazers 101-106 behind solid team play and a nice 14 points by recent pickup, Shawn Marion, who signed with the Spurs to hopefully win another championship before retirement.

Lastly, the shorthanded Bucks were beaten 92-103 behind 20 points from 6 long balls by Ray Allen. Kawhi Leonard combined with Tony Parker for 32 points. Bucks were without Michael Carter-Williams and Jerryd Bayless, and Jabari Parker had an awful time (4-21) as did OJ Mayo (6-15/0-5 3PT).

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