Saturday, November 28, 2015

Spurs disappoint against shorthanded Clippers, 101-117.

Blake Griffin and Paul Pierce sat this one out, but the Clippers didn't need help beating a confused and lazy Spurs team.

Shooting, defense, energy and strategy was far from sound. Despite cutting the lead to 5 at 85-90 behind Tony Parker (29pts/6 threes/8 assists), the defense by San Antonio led to easy jams by J-Smoove (17pts/22rebs). Turnovers all but ended the game.

DeAndre Jordan had 20&18, Lance Stephenson had 16 and Wes Johnson had a cool 20. Chris Paul was 1-8 from the field, but the Spurs played badly enough for it not to matter, and CP3's 11 assists did.

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